Although the Apple iPhone is not as expected

Although the Apple iPhone is not as expected, it is still among the most popular. We can’t say exactly what this is. Balanced use, touch screen, whatever the Retina Display experience.Of course, we can say that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is better, but Apple isn’t so bad yet. The fingerprints of the iPhone face to face more than other phones with images taken from people around the world.

Video calls had been a major development of the telephone world. Especially in the phone presentation video calls offer a very different perspective. You can watch the ad below, which emphasizes that iPhone is making more face-to-face calls than other phones.I can not tell that I probably do not say that I’m a fan of suckers who use android that the subject you look at the same thing you do when you make a bad ordinary sucker yapuyuyo bi bilarlarmısın I’ve written a comment that I use the android ios I do not understand you continue to say I do not bad bad If used Did the bad, what do not write them bad at all android I ingiltered flagship phone features at no iOS enayiyiz ie it up my avrupad I’m here every feature has subjected many of you where are the characteristics you also süpersin kullanıyo LTE or 4G probably in Turkey or their

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