Before the end of this yea

Before the end of this year, Apple will introduce its iPhone and iPad models to its users. So far, many leaked information and images of the company’s secret models had come. Now the video footage of these devices has arrived.As you know, Apple will introduce the new iPhone as well as the cheap iPhone. The company is also expected to introduce the iPad 5 and the new iPad Mini.The videos of the iPad 5 and iPhone 5C are claimed. You can watch these videos below. After watching, you can let us know your comments in the comments section. The Moto X comes with 10 MP ‘Clear Pixel’ technology and doesn’t have a button to take pictures. It allows you to take pictures by touching anywhere on the screen. 1080p support is also available on this device. One thing in common is the front camera. The video cameras are 2.0 MP and 1080p.Both the Galaxy S4 and Moto X come with Android 4.2.2. It seems that Moto X is late for the new Android 4.3. The Galaxy S4 also features a TouchWiz interface and Samsung applications. For example, Air View, Smart Scroll, LED notification.

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