BlackBerry was agitated by the new operating

BlackBerry was agitated by the new operating system and Z10’s postponement at this time last year. In general, a bad place on the agenda and the life of the company is expected to expire in January by introducing new phones and operating system, said the persistent course.After that, BlackBerry had great hopes on the Z10 and BlackBerry 10, and it was almost the last hope of the company. Unfortunately, the Z10 did not get the expected results from its sales. BlackBerry 10.2 is expected to bring the current version of the A10 smartphone. It seems that BlackBerry really has no intention of giving up.Galaxy S4 Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery Moto X has a 2200 mAh battery. The 16GB of the Moto X will come with a $ 199 contract or £ 450. It will meet its users in America and Canada for the first time in late August or early September. The Samsung Galaxy S4 also comes at about the same price. However, it is up to you to which device you will give the same money to. However, at this stage, the Galaxy S4 Moto X with many features in the shadow case.

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